Pel celebrates 25 years

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PEL is an undisputed leader in the metal frame gliding chairs market. Our gliders are entirely made in Canada. All our expertise is put to contribution to offer you an extraordinary comfort at an affordable price.

Take your time, browse a little and imagine yourself in the glider of your dreams.

Neo Collection

A unique glider chair in its own right, gliding, swivelling and reclining with integrated footstool would already be an achievement as it is. However, this one impresses even more as it keeps gliding once your feet are raised. Sit in absolute comfort with your feet raised and enjoy a relaxing time while gliding gently.

Pel Collection

THE collection that made us famous ! Gliding, swivelling , reclining and equipped with an exceptional enveloping upholstry and a robust metal structure with a 5-year warranty, this collection has nothing more to prove. Twenty-five years after its release, it’s still just as popular. Warning! The combination of this chair and a gliding footstool can be addictive.

Age Collection

Time catches up with us all and we have to face it with confidence. The “Age” collection is equipped to remedy this. Outfitted with an automatic locking of the gliding movement by the seat, it will make getting up not only easier but also safer. Locking the rocking action can also be done manually, should you wish to prevent it from rocking once seated. In addition, height-adjustable legs provide unparalleled custom adjustment for a maximum comfort.

Eko Collection

Series 18 of the Eko collection is a more economical version, but equipped with the same features in its metal structure (reclining system, swivelling, etc.) as the PEL collection. These gliders, however, have an advantage that others do not have: they are adjustable in height. On the other end, the 80 series is a glider that will be suitable for someone for whom rocking must rhyme with safety. Several cushion styles are available to suit your personal preferences.

More than 25 years

Thank you to all our customers, employees and suppliers for your loyalty and dedication.

Made in Quebec

Our armchairs and footstools are entirely made in Québec. We have two factories: The first one where we manufacture our metal structures, and another one that houses our offices, upholstery and shipping department. We are located in St-Félix-de-Valois, 10 minutes from Joliette and 45 minutes from Montréal.

Rocking Chair

The Pel R&D department has developed three systems unique to Pel: A long gliding arc of 12 inches that feels like the wooden rockers of the past, a sturdy multi-position reclining system and a swivelling mechanism lubricated for life exclusive to Pel.

Top quality

A sturdy metal frame (with the best warranty in the industry), premium upholstery, and industry-leading fabric choices make the PEL brand a must-have in terms of value for money. Offering a high quality product and a commitment to excellence, those are our company’s values!

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Collection PEL

5 years : Frame
1 year : Fabrics, cover materials and mall bearing system


Collection NEO

2 years : Frame
1 year : Fabrics, cover materials and mall bearing system


Collection AGE

1 year : Frame
1 year : Fabrics, cover materials and mall bearing system


EKO Collection

1 year : Frame
1 year : Fabrics, cover materials and mall bearing system